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Bitcoin for kids and beginners – Berlin Blockchain Week ’22

B2029’s talk scheduled for children merged with ‘Bitcoin for beginners’ when the title attracted a number of parents and the presentation turned into a dynamic discussion.

From September 12 to 14, Bitcoin Association for BSV partnered with B2029 to present Bitcoin SV at the 2022 Berlin Blockchain Week.

Apart from inviting participants in the city-wide event to the BSV Hub Berlin workspace for impromptu discussions and breakfast hangouts, B2029 held several presentations on Monday and Tuesday.

Bitcoin for kids and beginners

On Monday, the scheduled talk for children merged with ‘Bitcoin for beginners’ when the title attracted several parents and the presentation turned into a dynamic discussion.

Microtransactions: Bitcoin SV’s killer app

Stefan Landrock outlined the technical differentiating factors between Bitcoin Core (BTC) and Bitcoin SV (BSV): immense transaction throughput (both data and value) processed for the sub-cent cost to enable microtransactions.

Bitcoin SV’s cheap, scalable microtransactions lead to the project’s focus on providing a global, public infrastructure and protocol for application development, rather than only ‘digital cash’ or ‘digital gold’.

Economics of scale

This scalability and public availability also have huge implications for Bitcoin SV’s impact on the environment. Because of the tremendous productivity of its energy-consuming infrastructure, its absolute C02 emission per transaction is negated. As Bitcoin SV’s adoption in the enterprise and entrepreneurial environment grows on top of its existing infrastructure, its energy efficiency will increase.

Getting a taste of web3 with microtransactions

Landrock also demonstrated BSV applications that take advantage of its microtransaction capability to rethink existing digital applications, like social media and iGaming.

Twetch logo with white smartphone on blue and white background

Twetch – social media without data tapping

While Twetch charges platform users a few cents to perform Twitter-like activities – like posting content, liking or sharing a post – content creators are also rewarded when others engage with their posts. This model of funding the platform with microtransactions enabled Twetch to operate without advertising, and thus without harvesting any of its users’ data. Instead, users get rewarded for their participation and their content gets published to the Bitcoin SV blockchain with their public key as a byline. Content can also be encrypted to protect the rights and privacy of the creator.

DuroDogs – Dynamic, on-chain NFTs that are more than collectables

Non Fungible Tokens (NFTs) are one of the most popular use cases for blockchain technology. And yet most NFTs offer zero utility beyond collectibility, with the creative art connected to the item stored on a private server, with no more than the URL to the item published on-chain.

In contrast, DuroDogs is an online game built on Bitcoin SV where players can adopt a digital dog that’s minted as an NFT. As the player trains their dog and its skill level increases, the NFT dynamically reflects the new state of the item. The game platform connects a player’s gaming profile to their HandCash wallet to allow them to truly own their in-game dog and other items (caps and other accessories) via their BSV address. 

Dogs and accessories can be gifted by sending them to the recipient’s HandCash wallet, from where the new owner can use it for their own DuroDogs games. A marketplace offers players the chance to buy and sell NFT dogs at auction.

Is Bitcoin appropriate for kids?

Among parents attending the event, the consensus was that kids have to be educated not only about Bitcoin trading and its cash functionality but also about its raison d’etre within society and the financial system. Whether or not social media applications on the blockchain are suitable for children remains an open question, and much dependent on the particular terms and conditions of the platform.

Future Bitcoin SV events in Berlin

Hello MetaNet text white skyblue background

B2029, the organisation hosting the BSV Hub Berlin hosts regular events for those interested in learning more about Bitcoin SV. Every second Thursday of the month the Hub hosts a MetaNet TechTalk on topics like debunking popular BTC myths, deep dives into tech topics, Bitcoin and law. 

To keep abreast of future events, sign up for their newsletter or follow them on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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