Bitcoin SV is playing a role in the ‘next big thing in Africa’ – what you should know

Pacer Labs is ready to build on Bitcoin SV and plans to rapidly scale up operations, including everything from mobile development to internship opportunities

Written by

Ryan Brothwell

Published On

07 Nov 2022

Pacer Labs is ready to build on the Bitcoin SV blockchain and plans to rapidly scale up operations, including everything from mobile development to internship opportunities. However, the biggest opportunities appear to lie in enterprise security, says Hadiza Saidu, General Manager at Pacer Labs.

Pacer Labs is a software development firm founded in 2021 aimed at filling a gap in Africa’s digital ecosystem. This includes expertise in:

  • Digital product design;
  • Strategy and insights;
  • Product management;
  • Engineering and Q&A;
  • Delivery management;
  • DevOps management.

Saidu said that while Pacer Labs is still relatively new to the African market, it is ready to build on Bitcoin SV. She added that the firm is currently speaking to government agencies and aspiring developers to see how it can best meet its goals.

‘So what we primarily do is offer custom software development and we also do mobile product development. We focus on digital transformation and work with organisations looking to transform and improve their business process, impacting revenue and meeting business goals.’

Building software and mobile apps on Bitcoin SV

Saidu said Pacer Labs is currently exploring the use of the blockchain in its applications, with a specific focus on the Bitcoin SV (BSV). She added that the ultimate goal was to become an implementation partner alongside BSV to deliver applications to potential customers.

‘In the coming months, we would like to have a solid partnership and begin to build our applications using Bitcoin SV. In terms of technology needs, I think security is a very big (concern) in space right now.’

‘A lot of organisations and enterprises want to ensure that their information is secure and they can exchange data knowing that it is secure end-to-end. I think security is a big thing right now, especially in Nigeria and Africa as a whole.’

Bitcoin SV is secured with proof-of-work and proven cryptographic algorithms. It is a carefully designed system of incentives whereby the actors (miners and users) involved in the ecosystem are all highly incentivised to invest their time and money into using, maintaining, and improving the network.

The Bitcoin SV engineering team has implemented a professionalised engineering approach to development, including a rigorous security and Quality Assurance process for its software.

Africa is the next big thing for tech

In closing, Saidu said that Nigeria has a tremendous pool of tech talent and that government organisations and other stakeholders can do more to foster this talent to improve the development landscape.

‘Africa is the next big thing when it comes to tech talent and we need to have a clear roadmap as to how we can harness that. This is a step in the right direction. I have spoken to a couple of developers and they are very excited about being given opportunities and the associated partnerships.’

‘So we invite people who have hope in Africa, who also see this vision, to come in and participate in the next big thing.’


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