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Bitcoin SV resources for Bitcoin-Phobes

Enterprises can utilise blockchain’s decentralised and distributed nature. To expand your knowledge of this technology, here are some reliable resources to read.

Blockchain technology’s distributed and trustless nature brings businesses multiple benefits such as easier traceability, greater transparency, and enhanced security of data. Given this immense utility, there’s a vast chasm between it and speculative cryptocurrencies that lead many to throw out blockchain with the crypto bathwater, to their detriment.

Credible resources are required for those who would like to learn about this technology and how it can aid them to enhance the efficiency of enterprises, and government projects and create new business models.

This blog and infographic offer you blockchain resources if you’re wary of Bitcoin, but identify with the following categories:

  • Academic researchers and course material creators who need to ensure the content they present to students is well-researched and legitimate and steers clear of crypto scams and Bitcoin hype
  • Solutions architects, product managers, and FinTech consultants who need to present a blockchain-based solution to decision-makers whose perspective of blockchain technology has been marred by Bitcoin mania
  • Public officials and government representatives who would like to present blockchain-based solutions to decision-making bodies who are wary of nascent technologies

Resources: BSV blockchain website

Why the BSV blockchain is relevant for enterprises

The Bitcoin SV blockchain (BSV blockchain) can handle enterprise-level applications and services. It features low fees, massive scaling, great data capacity, and micropayments. Different industry sectors are already using BSV, such as cybersecurity, FinTech, casino and iGaming technology, and healthcare.

Why the BSV blockchain is relevant for government

The benefits of BSV blockchain to the government include increasing transparency, eliminating government agency data silos, and enabling greater financial inclusion. With this resource, you’ll be able to look through use cases like how the BSV blockchain played a role in developing blockchain-based academic certification and accreditation.

BSV blockchain technical capabilities

Due to the BSV model being parallel to Bitcoin, it can support near-instant payments that can settle within 2 seconds. Other technical features of BSV are NFT support, micro and nano payments, peer-to-peer transactions, and smart contracts.

Upcoming events

If you want to participate and immerse yourself in an environment filled with blockchain investors, tech start-ups, and entrepreneurs, BSV blockchain has an array of events worldwide you can join. Events such as Blockchain 4 Gaming, tech festivals, and web summits are lined up all year round.

BSV blockchain: News and educational content

The positive impact blockchain technology is having on the environment

Most blockchains have a poor record of energy efficiency, but not BSV. Multiple sustainable applications are on this blockchain, such as WeatherSV, RecycleSV, Predict Ecology, and Project Potential.

A commonsense approach to blockchain legislation

The world is transitioning to a global data-based economy with blockchain at its centre. Policymakers are looking into its sustainability, security, and stability to regulate a balanced and standardised approach.

Mending trust in the pharmaceutical research model with blockchain

In the pharmaceutical industry, data security is paramount. SaaS provider Veridat launched their platform, Bench, to capture critical, time-dependent information to the BSV blockchain. As a user, you’ll be able to verify events and data every step of the way, from pre-clinical trials to distribution.

How the BSV blockchain supercharges the public sector

If governments want to pursue an honest ecosystem, implementing blockchain is a great move. It’s a transparent, traceable, and immutable private ledger that can enable legal and legislative controls to help stop fraud and corruption.

Private use of a public blockchain

It’s only been in recent years that blockchain technology provided legitimate solutions for enterprise use cases. Myths circulated about the dichotomy between public and private blockchains, but there shouldn’t be any as both can be advantageous for enterprises.

PalmFusion Chairman Dereck Hoogenkamp on BSV and biometrics

PalmFusion manufactures biometric authentication devices. Its chairman, Dereck Hoogenkamp, believes it can easily integrate blockchain technology into its biometric security solution. The company will be able to enhance the security of BSV wallets and applications when blockchain works with PalmFusion’s unique authentication method.

How Islamic finance can leverage blockchain technology

The estimated size of global assets for Islamic impact finance is at least $2 trillion. Blockchain can help boost these numbers as it’s a reliable measure of impact, provides accountability of progress, and ensures transparency of projects.

BSV blockchain: Videos, branding material, and other resources

Video: AR, VR, & the Metaverse on BSV Blockchain by Robert Rice

Robert Rice, founder and CEO of Transmira, discusses the definition of XR Metaverse. His company developed OMNISCAPE™, the first XR Metaverse platform where augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), machine learning (ML), and the Internet of Things (IoT) are all in one programme.

Video: Healthcare and BSV

Healthcare data platform EHR Data’s President Steve Lawrence talks about how the BSV blockchain incentivises the healthcare industry. The company has a vision of creating a global patient record that will allow people to control their healthcare data.

Video: Why investors should pay attention to BSV

Bitcoin Association Founding President Jimmy Nguyen shares why investors are getting into BSV. For one, BSV optimises systems for ultimate business functionality. Soon, BSV will be able to do 50,000 transactions per second.

Video: Government services on BSV

At a BSV Blockchain Conference in New York, Bitcoin Association Founding President Jimmy Nguyen chatted with nChain Director of Commercial Strategy Simit Naik and Bitcoin Association ambassador for South Pacific George Siosi Samuels about how the government of Tuvalu built its national digital ledger on the BSV blockchain.

BSV blockchain eBooks

The BSV blockchain as an enterprise cybersecurity framework

Your business’s cybersecurity shouldn’t only focus on prevention. Cyberthreats are now a matter of when not if. This eBook extensively discusses how the resilient and secure architecture of BSV blockchain helps with the early detection of threats.

Unleash the value of Extreme Scale data with the BSV blockchain

Blockchain can optimise, manage access, and monetise data. This eBook explains the traditional problems with data, blockchain solutions, use cases, and why BSV blockchain is the best implementation of a blockchain solution.

What the BSV blockchain is, and why it is the infrastructure for the data economy

The BSV blockchain is the best underlying infrastructure for an extreme data economy. It’s scalable, secure, stable, and safe. In this eBook, you can learn how BSV blockchain enables data, specifically IoT, to become a strategic asset you can sell and exchange.

Bitcoin SV Academy resources

Bitcoin Theory course stream

The course on Bitcoin Theory covers Bitcoin’s design as stated in its whitepaper. Throughout the course, you’ll learn the theory and layers of Bitcoin’s structure. It’s a beginner course that has 13 chapters. Some technical experience is helpful but not required.

eBook: Bitcoin SV: what it is and how it restores the promise of enterprise blockchain

Enterprise blockchain has failed many businesses in delivering its incentives. It has created more data silos, competing protocols, and fragmented implementations. The Bitcoin SV Blockchain is the original design and protocol of the Bitcoin blockchain, solving the drawbacks and delivering blockchain promises for business.

Blogs and other content about Bitcoin Theory

[Infographic] What is blockchain, and how does it work?

This infographic shows everything you need to know about blockchain, from its definition and architecture to its difference from Bitcoin and its key capabilities. It also discusses the factors that make up the true blockchain.

The BSV blockchain as an enterprise cybersecurity framework

You can use a public blockchain infrastructure to provide a maximum level of cybersecurity to any system. Its transactions run peer-to-peer, making them as direct as possible and preventing fraud. This article and infographic will guide you through the ins and outs of BSV as a security system.

[Infographic] Enterprise blockchain: much more than virtual currency

Blockchain can provide your business with numerous benefits beyond virtual currency. This technology functions as a global database for companies. It can give you access to built-in incentive systems, existing distributed infrastructure, and tested protocols.

[Infographic] Enterprise blockchain use cases

Blockchain benefits businesses across multiple sectors, from accounting and supply chain to marketing and healthcare. Find out how blockchain plays a role in different enterprise use cases in this infographic. The visual guide also provides BSV-based platforms that were developed for specific industries.

[Infographic] How blockchain is failing enterprises

Enterprise blockchain has failed businesses as it unsuccessfully fully materialised. BSV blockchain is here to its rescue by readjusting the system and returning the original Bitcoin protocol. Check out how BSV is restoring enterprise blockchain in this infographic.

[Infographic] Blockchain technology for the data economy

The fourth industrial revolution is the data-based economy. A huge influx of data will take over conventional infrastructure and overwhelm it. One way to avoid this mishap and address extreme data is by incorporating the BSV blockchain.

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