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Bitcoin SV resources for the Bitcoin curious and enthusiasts

Businesses have started to use blockchain technology in their operations. Check out these Bitcoin SV resources to understand this new tech for your business.

Blockchain is becoming increasingly ubiquitous as the world moves toward digitalisation.

In recent years, Bitcoin and blockchain technology have been at the forefront of discussions on digital assets, with their unique features bringing in benefits that can revolutionise the business landscape. This has led to various groups looking for resources to understand blockchain and how they can use it in their respective fields: 

  • Academic researchers and course curriculum creators looking for credible resources on blockchain technology
  • Strategic enterprise leaders, FinTech consultants, solutions architects, and developers who want to stay abreast of the latest technologies that can benefit their businesses, applications, and clients
  • Public officials and government representatives wanting to develop a well-researched position on blockchain technology
  • Individual and institutional investors considering backing blockchain projects

If you’re looking to jumpstart your blockchain journey, head over to our index of Bitcoin SV resources for every interest group. You can also continue reading below to learn what Bitcoin SV (BSV) resources may suit your needs.

Resources for the bitcoin curious and enthusiast

BitcoinSV.com website

Bitcoin’s history

Historically, people have traded Bitcoin, knowing relatively little about it. Learn about the history of Bitcoin in this summary, focussing on key events over the years.

Bitcoin SV sustainability

The energy footprint of recording data compared to an equivalent cloud platform is significantly more efficient in today’s incumbent systems. Gain insight into the original environmentally-friendly protocol of Bitcoin.

Bitcoin SV projects

A carefully curated collection of extraordinary and diverse projects currently under development on BSV

The Bitcoin ecosystem

As the Bitcoin ecosystem diversifies and rapidly evolves, organisations, projects, channels, and sites choose to work with or alongside Bitcoin SV. Head over to this page to see a list of Bitcoin SV projects.

Bitcoin SV demos: NFTs and onchain data storage

Our new demo page showcases how quick and cheap it can be to mint an NFT using one of the most complex protocols and publish data immutable on-chain, only on Bitcoin SV.

Bitcoin SV Discourse Forum

Introducing a forum specifically for Bitcoin SV’s technical professionals (miners, developers, exchanges), the Bitcoin SV Discourse Forum.

Bitcoin SV Discord channel 

Bitcoin Association for BSV launched its own Discord channel to serve as a community forum for those who want to discuss everyday topics around Bitcoin SV. 

Bitcoin SV Token page

The Token page highlights that all of the BSV tokens are more efficient than they would be if implemented on Ethereum. 

Bitcoin SV Academy

Bitcoin Theory course stream

This introductory course on Bitcoin is open to anyone interested in the technology, with minimal to no knowledge needed. Students will learn about Bitcoin’s design as a system, as prescribed by Satoshi Nakamoto, within 13 chapters to fully understand the basics. Once they have completed the course, they will be awarded Certificate 1 for this course.

Bitcoin SV Academy eBooks

Bitcoin has become widely popular and is one of the most well-known monetary systems in the digital age. By looking into how it blends money and data for everyday use, its distinct features translate into unique benefits that differentiate it from all other data management systems.

Blockchain technology has shown how it can change the way organisations manage their data. From defining this technology to understanding how it ties in with so-called cryptocurrencies, learning the basics of blockchain architecture deepens one’s Bitcoin knowledge.

Originally designed as a digital cash system, blockchain moves toward enterprise use-cases. However, its present implementation leaves many disappointed as it fails to deliver its promises of lower costs and high efficiency. By reverting to the original design and protocol, Bitcoin SV solves the drawbacks and delivers on the promises of enterprise blockchain.

Selling and exchanging data assets can only be possible with an underlying infrastructure that can keep up with an extreme data economy. The BSV blockchain shows its potential in this environment with its core characteristics: scalability, security, and stability.

Blogs and other content about Bitcoin Theory

In this age of digitalisation, technological advancements work towards a data economy where most transactions require big data, so having the right underlying infrastructure that can quickly manage big data processing becomes increasingly important. The BSV blockchain can do this and more with its scalable, secure, and stable characteristics.

Blockchain derives its name from the blocks of data linked in sequence, making up a globally distributed ledger. This public data management system stores relevant transaction information, including time, address, and amount.

It creates exact database copies that are stored and distributed from a computer. Every change to the database is recorded and published as a new version without deleting previous versions. This prevents errors or data manipulation, making it transparent and secure.

Bitcoin is the first digital cash system that works at scale. It relies on peer-to-peer software where transactions have exact copies on multiple servers globally.

Backed by a sophisticated data management system, it manages an open-source code base that anyone can use, making it a medium for people to secure information. Its architecture enforces the network rules, allowing for an honest activity through a proof-of-work consensus.

It also ensures data security, low cost, and high efficiency, setting it apart from other data management systems.

Having robust cybersecurity has become a priority for most organisations dealing with sensitive data. The BSV blockchain proves to be a worthy enterprise cybersecurity framework as it ticks all the items in the industry standard of information security with its resilient, secure, and de-siloed architecture. 

As the world progresses to digitalisation, organisations worldwide are starting to use enterprise blockchain in their business operations. Although this technology is widely known for its role in digital currency, its ability to fuse data and value presents unique benefits for businesses. This permissioned network enables them to scale operations by enhancing efficiency at lower costs. 

Enterprise blockchain has expanded its use aside from just supporting digital currencies. Supply chains using blockchain technology allows products to be traceable, resulting in cost-efficient delivery. The healthcare sector also uses this to collate patient records from multiple siloes and convert them into single files in real-time.

Not only can this organise large volumes of data, but also enhance user experience through AR/VR use-cases.

Bitcoin SV Technical Standards Committee (TSC)

The TSC provides an out-of-the-box toolset, fuelling industry growth by ensuring compatibility and interoperability between businesses. Enterprise leaders using Bitcoin SV can access the library of standards for consideration, internal review, public review phases, drafts, and those published and recommended.

Those who would like to help develop technical standards for BSV can register as a contributor and submit a proposal, join a working group, or comment on a standard.

TSC: Recommended blog posts

Masumi Hamahira is an Executive Advisor for the Islamic Banking Window for MUFG Bank and a Bitcoin Association ambassador for Japan and Malaysia. He is interested in optimising the use of Bitcoin and its governance in the financial world. 

According to him, blockchain simplifies the messy process of checking the sequence of transactions, which is extremely helpful for organisations in countries complying with Islamic law.

The invoice-based payments provide a secure and efficient transaction, especially at large volumes. This new way of transactions allows merchants to pre-check and receive payments without listening to the blockchain for a long period, reducing inefficiencies and saving time.

Transaction ancestors have paved the way for the BSV blockchain to conduct payments that properly assess a payment’s validity before settling in the blockchain. This prevents payments from falling through due to not meeting the miner’s fees and reduces the chances of a wallet getting banned from multiple invalid transactions.

Although the Financial Action Task Force’s recommendations only take effect once local regulators implement them, the travel rule will significantly impact the industry since digital asset companies will be treated the same as traditional financial institutions. This means non-custodial wallets for major exchanges may need to comply or risk being excluded.

Data files require different software to decode and process, as they come in many different formats. The Bitcoin SV envelope provides an easier way for the software to identify a file’s format and how to process and display it to the user.

TSC: Recommended videos

For those who want to propose a new standard in the market, the TSC provides guidance and reviews proposals to ensure interoperability and improvements to BSV. 

For this mission, developing a road map can help understand the strategic and technical direction that the industry is heading. This enables new players who want to build a new application or service to make informed decisions for an interoperable blockchain future.

The committee members introduce the role of the TSC and its goals for the BSV ecosystem. This covers the standardisation process and how businesses and experts in the industry can contribute to creating market standards. 

Bitcoin SV Resources for your Bitcoin and blockchain needs

Bitcoin and blockchain technology have become invaluable tools in the current times, but more so in the future when most transactions will involve big data. With technological advancements paving the way for a new digitalised world, businesses can benefit from deepening their knowledge of Bitcoin and its applications.To learn more about Bitcoin SV, visit our website today.

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