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Building Bitcoin apps the easy way with Metastreme

Paul Chiari, Founder of MetaStreme and WeatherSV gives a presentation on building on BSV.

In July, Bitcoin Association for BSV partnered with Elas for the inaugural Enterprise Blockchain Conference in Brisbane, Australia. The summit featured various presentations from speakers involved with the Bitcoin SV blockchain and the surrounding ecosystem.

One of the key presentations at the conference was given by Paul Chiari, Founder of MetaStreme and WeatherSV.

MetaStreme is a robust and scalable Bitcoin transaction engine designed to be simple yet capable of supporting the most demanding applications. Virtually any application can easily harness the power of Bitcoin through Metastreme’s API without the need for complex development.

WeatherSV is a powerful application that demonstrates the ability to index and retrieve climate data immutably stored on a distributed ledger. The tool allows users to search for their suburb, city or town for nearby channels from over 200,000 live weather stations.

Chiari noted that the unshackling of Bitcoin in 2018 was a significant step which gave his team the confidence to build on ideas on how a public ledger can enhance the value and veracity of data. This led to the development of WeatherSV, which became very popular, and has now recorded more than 140 million climate updates from around the world to the Bitcoin ledger.

“Metastreme encapsulates much of the experience we gained in the building and scaling of the Weather SV application. It removes much of the expense and complexity involved in building blockchain solutions as it requires no specialised skills,” said Chiari.

He added that anyone can set up an unlimited free test-net account and get started on a blockchain project.

The ledger of things

Chiari said that his team has also developed tools and processes to enable IoT devices to realise the potential of blockchain integration. Dubbed ‘the ledger of things’, Chiari said this allows for markets for verifiable data and micropayments for its collection and dissemination, which will greatly enhance the utility of the IoT industry.

He added that multiple devices, including weather stations, with established BSV network connectivity. 

Chiari went on to give a live presentation of how easily developers can build a BSV application using his platform.


Chiari also presented on MetaProof – his team’s implementation of simple payment verification (SPV). SPV is a method to prove the existence and integrity of a transaction without having to keep full copies of all the necessary data.

This is achieved through providing only the information to calculate only a Merkle or Hash proof for that transaction. These services are available to all applications using the Metastreme platform and it is compliant with the Bitcoin Technical Standards Committee, Chiari said. 

Why BSV?

Chiari also explained his decision to build MetaStreme and WeatherSV on Bitcoin SV. He noted that BSV offers a scalable Bitcoin protocol far beyond that offered by competitors, and offers far more utility. 

He added that virtually-free and instant transactions are important for many applications requiring data services, microtransactions, high volume throughput and low transaction fees.

“If technology is to survive and prosper then it needs to solve problems and work reliably. Unfortunately most projects in the blockchain space don’t meet these criteria,” he said.

“The Bitcoin protocol has proved itself to be capable of all things required, and I believe BSV is the best place to meet the demand for enterprise-scale applications built on blockchain technology.”

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