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Craig Wright is Satoshi, but how much does it matter? Part 1

Greg Bledsoe dives into the case against Dr. Wright and what it says about the rise of tribalism on the Internet.

There are those who would like you to believe that the Granath v. Wright case in Norway has definitively proven the long-standing Bitcoin-core troll consensus that is used to justify their targeted and longstanding coordinated campaign of personal destruction via bullying, harassment, and defamation against Dr Wright, (which was confirmed in the trial with examples): that he is definitively a fraud, a scammer, and an incompetent forger.

The case against Dr Wright as Satoshi

In order to conclude that Dr Wright is not Satoshi you must believe that:


  • Craig is incompetent, mentally ill, doesn’t understand forensics well enough to forge documents even semi-convincingly.
  • Craig is waiting for the right moment to reveal the scam he’s perpetrated with hundreds of millions of dollars in R&D spend to build an affordable, scalable global digital ledger with cutting edge technology that regularly handles more transactions than all other blockchains and rivals or exceeds the capacity of the legacy payments systems – so supposedly there is a rug pull or scam here that will be more profitable than people using this system?

The eye witnesses versus KPMG

Meanwhile, multiple credible eyewitnesses gave their story as to how they knew Craig was Satoshi, received drafts of the white paper, and turned down the opportunity to help, including family members with no financial stake in Bitcoin Satoshi Version, nChain, or Craig Wright, and often with some regret. When asked under oath how he came to believe Craig Wright is a fraud, Granath said he ’never looked into it’ and believed it because ’everybody knows it.’

This along with the fact it’s been normalised on the Internet, justifies for Team Granath the harshest possible rhetoric and encouraging the harassment up to and including death threats against Dr Wright’s family.

An illustration of the radical tribalism of the Internet

It is alarming that so many people can view a consensus of unknown origin as authoritative and meanwhile hold this level of contradiction in their mind without questioning it – all because their tribe only accepts one belief and they’d rather be wrong together than correct alone.

The Internet seems to have bred what one might call ’radical tribalism’ that stamps out individuality in favor of group identity right down to who it’s ok to bully, and becomes more alarming the deeper you look.

Team Granath has relied primarily on a KPMG report that KPMG said outright can’t prove Craig Wright manipulated any documents, and with basic errors of its own: files mysteriously changed while in KPMG custody with no chain of custody of documents among the primary two, while their experts testified about the meaning of documents they didn’t even read, ie, the Sartre blog post.

Team Granath cited Wikipedia and a blog post as primary evidence. These ’proofs’ along with the fact the trolls can’t imagine why he wouldn’t just sign the way they want even though he’s explained why many times, counterbalanced against the credible eye-witness testimony we heard in court, falls very far short of a justification, regardless of what the judge thinks.

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