Bitcoin SV Society

BSV SocietyBitcoin SV Society

Across the world, interest in and development on Bitcoin SV are growing at an exponential pace. Here are organizations, events and resources that can help you be a vital participant in the Bitcoin SV society.

Bitcoin Association

Bitcoin Association is the leading global organization for Bitcoin business. It brings together merchants, exchanges, application developers, enterprises, miners and others in the Bitcoin ecosystem to advance the growth of Bitcoin commerce. Bitcoin Association supports Bitcoin SV as the original Bitcoin, and the only Bitcoin project dedicated to the original design, protocol and Satoshi Vision of Bitcoin’s creator - Dr. Craig S. Wright under the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto.

Get information on how to become a Member of the Bitcoin Association here.

BSV Meetups

All over the world, Bitcoin SV supporters gather for Meetups in their local cities to keep up to date about BSV news, network with colleagues, and share Bitcoin experiences.

Visit this page to find a BSV meetup in your city.

Bitcoin SV Conferences & Events

The Bitcoin SV ecosystem already has conferences and events dedicated to BSV.

Here are some must attend Bitcoin SV events:

CoinGeek Conferences - The first and only Bitcoin conference series dedicated to the BSV ecosystem. Industry leaders, entrepreneurs, developers, mining operators, investors, academics and policymakers from around the global attend what has been described as the largest Bitcoin conference in the world. Past conferences have been held in Hong Kong, London, Toronto, Seoul & New York.

Bitcoin Association events – Bitcoin Association hosts a series of global events focused on Bitcoin SV, including for both enterprise decision makers and developers alike.

Bitcoin Association also collaborates with CoinGeek on events surrounding the CoinGeek Conference series – including BSV Hackathons, a BSV Venture Pitch Day for start-up ventures and investors, and networking receptions.

CambrianSV - A week-long intensive Proof of Work bootcamp for developers to build on the Bitcoin SV blockchain. CambrianSV was the first developer focused bootcamp dedicated exclusively to building on BSV.

DotCamp – Co-hosted by DotWallet and Bitcoin Association, this is an R&D innovation camp devoted exclusively to building applications that integrate with Bitcoin SV wallets.

BSV News & Insights

For news, insights and commentary about Bitcoin, visit these BSV information websites: – The leading BSV news and information website with a special focus on blockchain technology. provides fair and accurate coverage of the entire Bitcoin industry. - Read extensive writings from Bitcoin creator’s Satoshi Nakamoto himself – Dr. Craig S. Wright, now Chief Scientist at nChain. A prolific writer, Dr. Wright uses his blog to share extensive insights about the true power of Bitcoin and his original protocol, now living in the Bitcoin SV.

Bitcoin Association – The organization’s website posts press releases and regular ecosystem updates. Its members also receive e-newsletters to keep them updated on BSV news.

Bitstocks Blog - Bitstocks believes that Bitcoin is one of the most innovative developments of our time and their corporate object is to help people understand and benefit from this groundbreaking technology.

Online Video Series & Podcasts

Here are some online video series and Podcasts that cover all things BSV:

Bitcoin Association YouTube Channel - the BSV industry organizations publishes regular video content, including official updates about protocol developments and industry news.

Bitstocks TV - The media channel for Bitstocks, the City of London's first Bitcoin Market Advisory, Investment and Trading Firm, established in 2014. Bitstocks TV delivers content that provides insight into the world of cryptocurrency as a tool of financial sovereignty.

CG Conversations with Charles Miller – Former BBC storyteller Charles Miller of CoinGeek chats with the thought leaders and most influential people in the BSV ecosystem.

Unbounded Capital Podcast - A show where cohosts Jack Laskey, Dave Mullen-Muhr and Zah Resnick discuss exciting new business models enabled by the unique properties of the Bitcoin (BSV) blockchain.