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Many BSV development tools have been created with the intention of assisting developers to streamline their application development and encourage interoperability across services. As Bitcoin SV has grown, more programmers have released their own tools in order to create a robust ecosystem.

Here are resources sites where BSV applications and developer tools are added or tracked:

In addition to those general resource sites, here are more specific resources:


Unwriter is a pseudonymous BSV developer who has built many plumbing tools that simplify application development. His New York based company Planaria Corp has developed too many to list, so here are articles that summarize his tools at a high level:

Payment Buttons and Mechanisms

Money Button provides a simple payment API that developers can easily integrate into their web page, store or application. Users of the service can simply swipe to generate a BSV transaction, deferring risk, custody and responsibility from the service provider to the product user. This results in great cost savings in the development and maintenance of businesses.

Datapay is a library where you can broadcast BSV transactions in Javascript in only 4 lines of code. This Javascript library enables different types of transactions so not only can money be sent, but data as well.

Proxypay is a library for building complex transactions that can be broadcasted from any wallet. The advantage is to not limit users into using a specific wallet in your application or website.

Relay One provides a payment API that implements a button for processing payments in Bitcoin SV.

FastPayButton is also a payment API and button that processes payment in Bitcoin SV that supports Paymail as well as other features.


Bitbus - A robust HTTP API endpoint to make flexible Bitquery's against in order to receive a stream of confirmed transactions.

Operate is a toolset and protocol where developers can publish functions on-chain named ‘Ops’, implemented in the programming language Lua.

Hummingbird is a Javascript library to interface directly with a remote Bitcoin SV node for optimal transaction processing and assist managing state machines in your application.


MatterCloud provides a robust infrastructure platform where developers can perform various API calls to manage UTXOs, broadcast transactions, query address balances and more. MatterCloud offers various payment plans depending on the number of API calls required. You can obtain an API key for free for 1 call per second.

Metaglue is a platform for building Metanet applications, accounting for standard wallet functionality and structuring data.

Bcevents is a JS library to listen for certain types of Bitcoin SV transactions. Encryption and decryption of data is supported.

Electrum ECIES is a JS/Golang library to encrypt and decrypt data simply in only 1 line of code.

Planter is a JS library for creating, managing and traversing Metanet nodes.

Polyglot is a Python library for interacting with Bitcom protocols.