Enterprise Blockchain Applications

Build on BSVEnterprise Blockchain Applications

Bitcoin SV is the that can satisfy enterprises needs with massive scaling, a stable protocol and a regulation-friendly ecosystem. For big businesses looking to build enterprise-class applications on BSV, here are key resources:


Faiā is a Bitcoin integration consultancy firm supported by community centric design based in the Asia-Pacific region. The company is named after the Samoan word for “bridge” or “a natural feature that spans a divide”. Faiā helps enterprises and business integrate Bitcoin SV technology into their tech stack.


nChain is the global leading research, development and advisory firm for blockchain technology, and provides support if an enterprise is looking to leverage BSV in their business. nChain has one of the largest blockchain patent portfolios in the world and has committed to make key assets from that portfolio available for free usage on the BSV blockchain. nChain has also built a business services team that is skilled at partnering with enterprises to help implement blockchain applications and other solutions that leverage nChain’s valuable intellectual property. nChain’s team is especially well-suited to help businesses build on BSV because its team developed and maintains the Bitcoin SV Node software, designed the Metanet protocol, and provides leadership in the BSV ecosystem. nChain is a go-to resource for advice when it comes to integrating your business processes with Bitcoin SV.


UNISOT (Universal Source of Truth) aspires to build a platform for supply chain management, payments and general data interchange between business by taking advantage of the robust properties of the BSV blockchain. By companies collaborating on one data ledger, they can have visibility into the real-time status of other companies’ transactions such that they can respond more efficiently to one another. This includes but is not limited to supply chains, ordering, payments and traceability. Significant cost savings can occur as a result since businesses no longer need to spend as much time troubleshooting issues or dedicating resources to manually communicate to each other.