Build on BSVLibraries

Many node software libraries have been created enabling a developer coming from any programming language to hit the ground running. Bitcoin SV’s stable protocol enables base libraries in different languages to be built since developers can count on the fact that radical changes will not disrupt their work. Higher level development libraries have been built to assist streamlining application development and provide robust functionality.

Base Layer Libraries

Many code libraries have been built to enable applications to be built on top of BSV. These libraries serve to abstract low-level Bitcoin protocol functions to simple methods that developers can reference when building out their application.

The Nakasendo SDK [from nChain] serves to abstract not only lower level Bitcoin protocol functions but advanced cryptographic techniques such as encryption and threshold signatures so that developers can implement this functionality more easily. The SDK will be available in C++, JavaScript, and python.

BSV JavaScript library developed by Ryan X. Charles and the Money Button team is a comprehensive toolset for managing, building, signing and broadcasting Bitcoin SV transactions.

Bitsv is a library for similar functionality as the BSV library, implemented in python.

bitcoinj-sv is a Java implementation of the Bitcoin SV protocol.

Rust-SV is a Rust implementation of the Bitcoin SV protocol.

bsvd – Golang implementation of the Bitcoin SV protocol.

go-bitcoin is a wrapper library to the Bitcoin SV RPC.

KzBsv is a work in progress C# library for Bitcoin SV.

Gigamonkey – A C++ library with basic Bitcoin SV functions.

BSV-ex is a Bitcoin SV library implemented in Elixir.

bsv-minimal is a lean reimplementation of the BSV library in Javascript, optimized to process big blocks efficiently.

Application Layer Libraries

Twetch SDK is a JavaScript library that has a CLI (Command Line Interface), built-in wallet and API for interacting with the social media platform.

TonicPow is an ad platform and framework enabling peer-to-peer advertising where promoters can offer advertisements and incentivize curation by paying per click in Bitcoin SV. TonicPow have various development tools that can be easily integrated in your website.

BitBtn is a UI button for interacting with Bitcoin SV wallets written in pure JavaScript.

Preserve is a client-side library that enables deployment of files and websites to the BSV blockchain. Preserve also creates sitemap transactions for each change such that the history of a website is archived.

BitcoinFiles is a JS library that abstracts the interaction with the B:\ files protocol. Developers can easily create and query files, while also being able to sign files with the AIP (Author Identity Protocol).