Smart Contracts

Build on BSVSmart Contracts

A common misconception is that Bitcoin is incapable of executing smart contracts, making other blockchain projects like Ethereum necessary. Bitcoin as originally designed had a robust programming language named Script, where simple yet powerful smart contracts can be written. Prior Bitcoin developer groups restricted those capabilities, but Bitcoin SV is finally unlocking the full power of Bitcoin Script – including to enable smart contracts.

Below are some tools that can be used for smart contract development on BSV.

sCrypt is a web-based integrated development environment (IDE) where developers can implement low-level Bitcoin script in a higher-level programming language, then extract those scripts and leverage them in their code elsewhere. The IDE has standard features such as debugging, compilation and stack management. This enables developers to write smart contracts in Bitcoin script in a much more familiar language as opposed to needing to learn a new one.

GearSV is a means of writing and running smart contracts on Bitcoin SV. Leveraging other tools developed by prolific BSV developer _unwriter, contracts can be deployed on-chain using the B:// protocol, then run and validated off-chain. A Neon Planaria node can monitor the protocol for these types of transactions, then validate the program by running the methods in order as they were written to the BSV blockchain in order.

Bitcoin|Computer is a library for running smart contracts in JavaScript, includingon BSV. Smart contracts can be deployed on-chain via functions in JavaScript, then loaded by other entities and verified. Ownership is native, as well as sending money (Bitcoin SV) and managing tokens.