Build on BSVTokenization

In the blockchain world, tokenization is the concept of issuing a digital token to represent real world assets such as stocks, bonds, real estate ownership as well as event and transportation tickets, loyalty points, casino chips and much more.

BSV provides an ideal platform for tokens for two reasons. First, BSV’s massive scaling roadmap supports the throughput capacity needed to support enterprise-level token needs, while keeping transaction fees very low (small fractions of a U.S. cent). Second, BSV stakeholders support a regulation-friendly ecosystem, and that includes support of token protocols that make it easy for token issuers to comply with securities, financial asset, and other laws of their governing jurisdictions.

Leading token protocols available on BSV include:


Tokenized defines a platform and protocol where issuers and users can create, manage and trade tokens leveraging built-in smart contracts. It operates solely on BSV. Two major components are provided: a smart contract autonomous agent service and a wallet that implements the protocol. Contrary to other token platforms (such as ERC-20 on the Ethereum network), Tokenized seeks to work within the law and be regulatory compliant, easing concerns about potential legal hurdles.

Run on Bitcoin

While the Run platform is not public yet, objects on the platform are known as Jigs which are Javascript objects/classes defined on-chain. Run implements tokens natively (where tokens are a special type of Jig) with all base functions such as the ability to send, mint and combine tokens being standard. Run leverages BSV’s UTXO model in order to leverage Bitcoin’s scalability and establish inherent ownership of the Jigs.