What is the Earn & Use Economic Model for Bitcoin?

Earn & UseWhat is the Earn & Use Economic Model for Bitcoin?

Cultural narratives have long term economic consequences! The culture of bitcoin spent a number of years in a battle with the small vision of BTC Core protocol developers.

BTC supporters are stuck in the notion that bitcoin only exists as a “store of value” or investment tool designed to aid in the escape from the mainstream economy. They believe that the price of BTC will continue to go up, even if the token has no real use in daily life. In their view, those who “Stack Sats” and “HODL” will get rich merely by holding onto to the BTC token, without incentivizing actual utility of the coin.

In BTC’s economic model, value must constantly come from the fiat economy in order to continuously cause the coin price to go up. BTC’s usefulness as a store of value dries up without near constant investment of new money, which is why BTC is a dead end in the long term.

In vivid contrast, the Satoshi Vision calls for bitcoin to be earned and used in daily life, just like we earn and use fiat currency as part of a cyclical economy. That’s why the culture of Bitcoin SV is brimming with entrepreneurs who understand that bitcoin only derives real value from economic utility, rather than investors just waiting for the coin price to go up without any reason.

Bitcoin SV will become the roaring engine of an economic revolution fueled by the creation of an unimaginable amount of value from honest business conducted on a verifiable timestamped data ledger. All of this is accomplished by bitcoin’s fusion of data and monetary value, in the form of a frictionless, peer-to-peer electronic cash system that is so efficient as to enable micropayments of tiny fractions of a cent. This opens the door to new business models where user data, online interactions, content and other activities all have quantifiable monetary value to consumers.

In Bitcoin SV’s economic model, value is created on-chain and integrated with the off-chain economy in order to generate profits that create incentives for more people to ‘Earn & Use’ BSV with increasing velocity in a free market. Bitcoin SV does not require constant new investment in the coin itself to keep creating artificial value, but benefits most from bitcoin entrepreneurs and big enterprises generating business both from the on-chain and off-chain economies and using on-chain transactions to support their goals.

No more “buy and hold.” Bitcoin SV is here to help users “Earn & Use” bitcoin to create exponential value in the real-world economy.

How can I earn, use and spend Bitcoin?

The BSV ecosystem is rapidly creating many ways in which you can earn, use and spend Bitcoin. In addition to using BSV for data, content and other useful applications, you can of course also spend BSV to pay for goods and services. The applications where you can earn, use and spend BSV in different ways are now constantly growing and are too numerous to list so created this useful directory below.