Official Bitcoin Holidays

LearnOfficial Bitcoin Holidays

January 3 – Genesis Block Day - On this day in 2009, the first block on the blockchain, called the “Genesis block” was constructed.

January 9 – Bitcoin Birthday – On this day in 2009, the first version of Bitcoin Protocol software was released and the Bitcoin Blockchain began with the “Genesis” block.

February 4 - Bitcoin Rebirth Day– On this day in 2020, the Genesis Upgrade will restore the Bitcoin Protocol.

May 22 - Bitcoin Pizza Day – On this day in 2010, Laszlo Hanyecz paid 10k Bitcoins for two Papa John’s pizzas, creating the first commercial transaction that placed a value on Bitcoin.

August 1 – Big Blocks Day – On this day in 2017, the Scaling War ended.

October 23 – Satoshi Nakamoto (Dr. Craig S. Wright) Birthday

October 31 – White Paper Day – On this day in 2008, the Bitcoin White Paper was first posted online.

November 15 – Bitcoin Independence Day – On this day in 2018, BSV emerged to restore and free Satoshi’s original vision for Bitcoin.